Documentation of material related to teaching and excellence in teaching.

Pursuant to NEASC standards, this section of the Portfolio will contain material to document:

  1. Effective Instruction (5.7)
  2. Evaluation of students performance (5.7)
  3. Demonstration of the ability ot effectively carry out Faculty responsibilities (5.10)
  4. Faculty assumption of the responsibilities that the content and methods of instruction are consistent with accepted academic and professional standards (5.11)
  5. Methods of instruction are appropriate to the students' capabilities and learning needs and effectiveness of instructions is periodically assessed (5.16)


I have always felt most at home in the classroom. Even when I worked social service jobs, I gravitated toward responsibilities that had me teaching others. There is nothing quite like being in the presence of students when they "get it" and the light comes on! - Dr. Mark K.

Spring 2019

Associates of Science in Psychology Course Development

Over the course of the break and into the Spring semester I have designed two new classes and completely redesigned one.

  • Personality (new course)
  • History of Psychology (new course)
  • Developmental Psychology (completely redesigned)

Each of these has entailed the development of a "CourseBook" for all of my content. CourseBooks are intractive, multi-touch eBooks that I create in iBooks Author. I'm using th ePub format for these for more cross-platform compatibility.

Summer 2016

PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

Substituting for a part-time faculty I taught the Quantitative Reasoning assignment in this class.

MHT Course Revisions

Following the initiation of the m-Learning Initiative we are in the process of revising ALL of the MHT designated courses. Overall we are making the following changes:

  • Limit to the number of apps we integrate into the course.
  • Develop "Lesson ZERO" lesson plans that introduce technology into the course over the first three weeks of the class.
    • Lesson ZERO Part I - Focus on Blackboard and anticipating the integration of the iPad
    • Lesson ZERO Part II - Focus on general uses of the iPad across the MH program
    • Lesson ZERO Part III - Focus on specific applications to be used in each course
  • Elimination of the last textbooks in the program and replace them with free digital resources
  • Modification of Lesson Plans to enhance clarity
  • Re-examine the "Special Assignments" and decide on how many ELOs and VALUE Rubrics we will cover

MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar

This course will be completely redesigned. The focus of the course will be on:

  • The course structure and expectations of the Mental Health program.
  • Upcoming changes to the MHRT/C Certification.
  • Networking in the Mental Health Program (Faculty, Student Navigator, Facebook, KVCC Community)
  • m-Learning Initiative

The goal is that the course will be simplified and will be reduced to only 7 or 8 weeks in duration. Moving into the Fall 2016 semester only program Alumni will be teaching the current students.

Spring 2016

m-Learning Initiative

In the Spring 2016 semester we implemented the m-Learning Initiative in the Mental Health program.

  • Embedded at least 5 apps into each course
  • Required students to purchase their own iPad
  • Integrated iPad tools into the teaching of all Mental Health courses
  • Reduced the number of books required and replaced them with free or very low cost alternatives

Fall 2015

Implemented the MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar class

In partnership with Intern Tobby Bragdon (former Mental Health student) we created and implemented the first semester of a required MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar class for all incoming Mental Health students.

Spring 2014

“iPad Integration Project”in Case Management (MHT 220)

This semester we are exploring the use of iPads to document a new project in the Case Management class. Students work in groups to identify a community need and develop a plan to address the need.

  • ClickHEREto view the assignment page for MHT 220 Spring 2014
  • ClickHEREto view a Storehouse page documenting the iPad Training class conducted by Stephen LaRochelle
  • ClickHEREto view a list of the completed projects for Spring 2014

“Online Presentations using PowToon”in Case Management (MHT 220)

Rather than have in-class presentations on research and case management topics, I had students conduct research on topics related to Case Management and utilize online software called PowToon to develop online presentations.

  • ClickHEREto view the a site with a selection of these presentations (under development).

Online Counseling using WebEx in Interviewing and Counseling (MHT 110)

Teaching counseling skills online has its challenges! To address the need to oversee individual counseling skill development I have incorporated the use of WebEx Meetings technology into the class.

Students set up their own accounts and coordinate, schedule, conduct, and record thier individual 1:1 sessions with peers. Links to these sessions are sent to me for evaluation.

  • ClickHEREto view the assignment page for the Practice Counseling Sessions.
  • ClickHEREto view the Instructions on how to set up a personal WebEx account.

Fall 2013

"Personal Behavior Management" Seminar for FYE 125

Incorporated a brief "Personal Behavior Management" seminar into my current PSY 101 class and opened it up to members of the FYE 125 course. About 6 students attended this seminar on the application of behavioral principles to time management, study skill, etc.

Modified FYE 125 Course

This semester we are planning on offering a modified FYE 125 course for first-year students. Working with Michelle Gayne, we have developed a new course which combines the original FYE 125 course with the Biological Sciences Seminar course.

  • ClickHEREto visit the shared materials being developed.
  • ClickHEREto visit the page that holds my Fall 2013 Lesson Plans for this course.

Access to Lesson Plans outside of Bb

During the summer of 2013 I created in order to provide storage for my lesson plans with the ability to rapidly update material across different courses.

In addition to my own material, I also posted standardized assessments, class policies, and other documents that are shared among many courses in the Department of Social Sciences.

The advantage of this particular approach is that it enables us to change documents and the changes are distributed across all the different classes that utilize these documents.

Material that currently resides on this site includes (but is not limited to):

Copies of lesson plans and course documents for my courses from Spring 2013 forward
(additional ones will be added later)
Click here to visit the page

Department-wide Resources Document used in all Social Sciences courses
Click here to visit the page

Service-Learning Related links

Links related to my "Online Teaching Certification Course", "Online Faculty Orientation",
and "FYE 125 Course Development"

Spring 2013

Student Comments and Reviews

From a student paper on their formal education and whether they feel they are an "educated person" (submitted for ENG 101)

"The other was Psychology with Mr. K, what a class that was! I think I learned more about myself in that class then I had ever learned living it. He made it fun and exciting but more than that, he made my life connect, from the beginning to where I am now."

Fall 2009

Teaching MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling Online

In the Fall of 2009, I began to teach MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling in an online format. Students are required to submit recorded samples of counseling sessions they are having with "clients". Review the syllabus below.

Mark Kavanaugh 2017