Documentation of material related to academic advising.

Pursuant to NEASC standards, this section of the Portfolio will contain material to document:

  1. Faculty are adequately informed and prepared to advise their students (5.17)

While, technically speaking, advising is mostly focused on helping students overcome the immediate barriers to their success and to navigate through the requirements of a program toward graduation, I feel that by getting to know my students' lives, their goals, their ambitions, their fears, I better equip myself to help them make better decisions about school and career. I also try to encourage my students to think bigger..."That Associates degree goal is great...have you ever considered a PhD? Let's talk!" - Dr. Mark K.


Fall 2022

Established a format for my own advising worksheet that I distribute to studnets during the PSY 102 - Psychology Seminar course.

Spring 2019

Advising for the Associates of Science in Psychology

I became aware that the sequenc of courses that students should be taking had not been effectively communicated. Over this semester I will be putting together additional materials that will be sent out to students regarding both the sequence of classes and the technological requirements of the degree program.

Summer 2016


In coordination with Dr. Wendy St. Pierre (Mental Health Program Coordinator) and Roberta Santilli (Student Navigator - TAACCCT-IV), a Mental Health staff will be present at every Student Orientation and Registration event to provide the following information to incoming Mental Health students:

  • Orientation to Faculty and Staff
  • Encouragement to focus on the MHT designated classes for MHRT/C certification prior to the expected changes in the curriculum to be put into effect in the Fall of 2017
  • Orientation to the expectations of the m-Learning Initiative

Spring 2015

University of Maine at Farmington Articulation Agreement

I represented KVCC’s Mental Health program in an effort to articulate a transfer agreement between KVCC and the University of Maine at Farmington. This is still an ongoing project.

Fall 2014

Husson College Articulation Agreement

I represented KVCC’s Mental Health and Autism programs in the development of articulate transfer agreements between KVCC and Husson University.

Click here to view the press release from Husson University

Spring 2014

Updated Course Rotation Schedule

Heading into Spring 2014 we attempted to offer the condensed Saturday schedule of MHT courses. These courses would run as hybrid classes for six weeks. Two would begin at the start of the semester (one at 9 am and the other at 1 pm). The next two would start halfway through the semester.

These classes failed to enroll.

The demand is highest for online versions of all the classes so we will be exploring the development of additional sections of the online versions of all the MHT classes.

Summer 2013

Created a modified Mental Health Advising "course" in Bb

I had developed an advising course in WebCT but had not updated it for delivery in Blackboard Learn. A course has been created that provides detailed program information, course rotations for planning, information related to MHRT/C certification, and enhanced communication between students and advisors (Mark Kavanaugh and Mark Harmon).

Mark Kavanaugh 2017